We do the geeky stuff to automate your business (so you don’t have to).

We Automation
Hello, and welcome to the world of business automation! We work with businesses that aren’t automating enough.

Boring admin tasks getting you down? Zapier refusing to cooperate? Life without spreadsheets calling your name?

We’re here to help. Whether you are looking for a simple Zapier set-up to manage your workflow, or complex custom code to connect your apps together, we’ve got your back.

From discovering what your business really needs to operate smoothly, to executing complex automations and integrations, we will walk you through every step of turning your business into a lean, mean automation machine.

And in the end? Your systems will run so smoothly you’ll be able to get back to doing what you really love (whether that’s more lucrative work, golf, surfing, crocodile wrestling, or something else).

what we do 🎯
“We give freedom to business owners by automating the repetitive and mundane so they can build an empire in their industry”
About The Team ⚡
Shaun Hughston is the founder of Agility Automation and Chief Automation Hacker.

As a professional automation developer, automation is his passion, and he has helped countless businesses in Australia and across the world transform their productivity and systems into automation powerhouses.

We have a team of amazing Automation Hackers, each with their own superpowers, ready to automate your company.

Shaun is a recognised expert in business automation, and has presented at events in Australia and the United States.

Being a restless individual, Shaun loves travelling and taking his family across the world for extended periods. He spends his spare time dodging punches in Krav Maga classes, and falling off his mountain bike in the trails near his home in Sydney.