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5 Powerful ActiveCampaign Automations For Small Business

activecampaign automation

We’ve put together a top five list of the MVP ActiveCampaign automations that you can use in your small business.


If you haven’t come across it yet, ActiveCampaign is a marketing and customer experience platform with some serious automation power. Even if you’re already using it, there might be some features you’re not taking advantage of.


Using the automations within ActiveCampaign, or in combination with Zapier, you can create some powerful small business automations to manage your lead and customer experience. 


Automations can be set up within the drag and drop interface, and can be as simple as complex as you need them to be.


Here’s one that we use at Agility Automation (click for full size).

activecampaign automation


1. Lead Magnets


Lead magnets are a great way of starting a prospect in your sales funnel, or just building your email list. Using the built-in page builder, you can create an awesome landing page for your lead magnet, and connect that to an automated workflow. From that automation, you can automate a drip sequence of emails, text messages, tasks, and even create a deal or send data through to another platform via the webhooks feature.


2. Onboarding & Reminder Emails


Just signed up a new client? Create a onboarding sequence to welcome them and let them know what you’re about. One of our clients has a five part onboarding campaign to educate their new clients on the things they need to know to keep their business accounting in shape. 

You can also set up regular emails and SMS to alert clients of key dates or events, or even wish them a happy birthday!


3. Lead Scoring


One of the most underutilised features of ActiveCampaign is lead scoring. This topic could be whole article of its own, but in short, it’s a way of giving a score to contacts or leads when they take certain actions. 

For example, you might add 20 points to a contact for visiting your pricing page, 10 points for clicking on an email link, or 50 points for downloading your lead magnet. Using the accumulated score, you trigger automations to send an invitation to a strategy call, or create a task to follow up.


4. Deals


Deals are at the centre of the ActiveCampaign CRM features. Using deals, you can track a lead throughout the entire sales pipeline, or even trigger next actions. 

At Agility Automation, create a deal automatically using an ActiveCampaign automation as soon a lead books a call with us.


As we move the deal through stages, it triggers creation of proposals, adding tags, tasks, and emails, and even sends a reminder to a prospect who didn’t show for our initial call.


5. ActiveCampaign CX Apps

CX apps (or Customer Experience apps) are external apps with a native integration to ActiveCampaign. Some of the connected apps include Google Sheets, Slack, and Twilio for SMS. 
You can use these apps within automations, and they can add that little bit extra to your client experience, and at the same time save you valuable time. 
One of our favourite tools to use in automations is Bonjoro to create one-to-one videos for prospective and current clients. This creates a personal touch that is sometimes lost when you’re automating in your small business.
Whether it’s in your pre-sales process, or for existing clients, ActiveCampaign automation can give you the ability to keep your business running smoothly, and growing on autopilot.
If you’re curious about how you could use ActiveCampaign in your small business, book a free call to speak with one of our ActiveCampaign consultants in Australia.