Apps I Love: AgileCRM

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If you’ve been following along this automation journey for more than about a minute, you’ll already be familiar with the acronym CRM: Customer Resource Management.

Being familiar with the terminology is one thing. CRMs sound great in theory – an easy way to manage customers. Simple, right?

In reality, the process of finding a CRM that works for you can be a long and winding road. 

There’s considerations such as setup and monthly costs, integration abilities, app capacities and more – finding the CRM that’s best for your needs is not as straightforward as just signing up for the first one you land on. All too often, teams can bounce from CRM to CRM, leading to piling costs, sunken time and missed opportunities. Choosing the right CRM for you is an integral part of setting yourself – and your team – up for ongoing success and a harmonious customer management experience. 

One of the elements I find most appealing about AgileCRM is its simplicity. Simple to set up, simple to use, and simple to understand. However, don’t let that simplicity fool you. AgileCRM is a robust CRM offering that’s entirely capable of delivering above-and-beyond customer resource abilities that will increase your productivity, simplify your workflow and build the robustness of your business. 

AgileCRM’s designed to ‘supercharge your sales, marketing and service.’ Its areas of benefit include…

  • Contact Management – step up your game from the frantic inbox search that goes on when your contacts aren’t properly managed.
  • Appointment Scheduling – utilize the CRM’s abilities itself and automate the process of how your appointments are made.
  • Project Management – whether it’s a small or large project, AgileCRM can be customized to suit your project management needs and specifics.
  • Chronological interaction timelines – benefit from complete oversight of who, what, when and where interactions with the external world took place.
  • Calendar integration – no more jumping between apps. AgileCRM can automate your calendar management.
  • Advanced analytics reporting – dive into the specifics of areas of loss and profitability across your business.
  • Deal tracking and stage monitoring – never lose track of another opportunity again.

Beyond the benefits it offers to sales teams looking to keep up with every lead and opportunity, AgileCRM also builds integration abilities through its benefits to your marketing efforts. Execute email campaigns and track results from right within its system in order to connect the dots for your customer’s experience and gain deeper insight into the journey of interaction they experience with your work. 

No matter your industry, who you engage with – and how you do it – is integral to the success of your work. By retaining as much data as you can on each of your customers or prospects, you’ll benefit from a wealth of detail and context that can shape the specifics of your sales pitch or working relationship.

Take a look at AgileCRM here – it’ll deliver the goods, and none of the fluff.