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Apps I Love: CloudApp

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No matter how our workflows and habits change as new technologies emerge, the need to communicate with our teams, clients and collaborators will always remain a top priority. 

Face-to-face meetings with clients have morphed into email chains and Dropbox links. Conversations that previously took place on a coffee break or huddled around a whiteboard take place remotely, via text, video call, and file exchange. 

While there’s a lot to be said for the freedom new technologies offer us in our work environments, sometimes it’s more difficult to explain or introduce simple concepts without the power of immediate, seamless visual tools. 

As usual, there’s an app for that. 

CloudApp provides intuitive solutions for screen sharing and recording designed to improve workflows. They’ve got a strong focus on visual communication, understanding that time can be saved when ideas can be shared and engaged with visually. Its top level features include screen capture, image annotation, screen recordings, GIF creation, webcam record, and the ability to upload and share files from right within the app itself.

CloudApp’s website shares insight into how professionals across a number of fields integrate CloudApp into their daily workflow for optimized results. These include…

  • Designers, who can easily share design ideas, communicate developer bugs, communicate functionality to their clients without lengthy emails, and deliver files directly. 
  • Developers, who can whip up documentation with integrated visuals such as annotated screenshots and screen recordings, increase debugging response times through GIFs that capture bugs, and increase security through privacy settings on shareable content.
  • Customer support champions, who have the power to create visual tutorials for smoother customer communication, close tickets faster through visual explanations, and integrate customer support solutions directly into tools such as Zendesk, Help Scout, Slack and more.
  • Sales teams, who benefit from the use of visuals in lead conversion and sales pitches, and can create product demos that are accessible 24/7 for browsing consumers.
  • Marketers, who can intuitively integrate video content to email campaigns, speed up cross-team content creation, and send visual notes on campaign revisions that cut down on the chatter.
  • Teams of all shapes, sizes and functionalities, who have the ability to improve their internal communications, knowledge bases and workflow integration across the board. 

CloudApp boasts a wealth of industry-leading customers, including Slack, Etsy, Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, GitHub, Salesforce and MailChimp. Odds are, it’s got more than a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to improving your own work, communications and customer approaches. Personally, I use CloudApp to communicate processes to my remote team, cutting down on the time it takes to create documentation or step a new team member through a workflow – instead, sending them a link to a screen recording of the task itself. 

Turns out GIFs are for more than just cats falling off fences – who’d’ve thought it?