Apps I Love (Black Friday Special!): Kajabi

automation black friday

Here’s a special Apps I Love highlight, and a pretty nice opportunity for those of you looking to enrich your online presence, sales funnels and customer engagement.

If you’re yet to discover Kajabi, allow me to introduce you. Kajabi’s built itself a reputation as the #1 Knowledge Commerce platform for digital entrepreneurs who are looking to teach others in an online environment.  Kajabi hands you every tool you could need to build online engagement, including…

  • Intuitive website builder with pre-designed templates (and free hosting, to cut down on those sneaky recurring monthly charges)
  • Robust email marketing with automation tool integrations
  • The ability to create, market, sell and deliver products including online courses, coaching, monthly memberships, recurring subscriptions and a wide range of digital products. 
  • The option to work on pre-existing pipelines to convert customers into prospects, with ready-made funnels built and waiting for you to implement.
  • Space to host webinars, blogs, quizzes, and more.

Kajabi’s built on the belief that ‘imperfect action’ wins over ‘perfect inaction’ every time. It’s a tool that works brilliantly for those at the top of their game, but is just as robust for those who may be looking to ‘jump in the deep end’ of the world of online sales, ecommerce, or even someone looking to launch a blog. Rather than waiting until your idea is watertight to execute, Kajabi encourages you with its plethora of ready-made websites, landing pages, sales funnels, conversion tools and more to jump in, get moving, and find your market. It’s there to guide you along as you start swimming.

I moved my own business and all of its online activity to Kajabi when I realized the power of its simple and intuitive system, and now its tools and capabilities are an integral part of my daily activity. Its software allows me to focus on delivering content that’s engaging and informative instead of spending my time working out the kinks of how to get to pressing ‘send’. 

Whether your products exist in digital form or you’re looking for the most reliable home for your website, Kajabi’s got the goods.

In the spirit of Black Friday, they’re offering a full 28 day free trial alongside some killer annual discounts so you can see for yourself whether they deliver. As well as having a month to poke around and build within their software for free, you’ll also get access to exclusive training programs that will accelerate your setup process. A Kajabi team member is on call to walk you through step-by-step and make sure you’re able to explore all Kajabi truly has to offer.

If you’re interested, make use of their free offer here.  Friday won’t last forever, so if you believe this is the tool for you, now’s the time.