Apps I Love: Magic

automation magic

How do you describe an app that can do just about anything for you, as long as it’s legal?

Like magic.

Magic’s the kind of wish-fulfilment-cross-personal-assistant you didn’t know you needed, until you realized how much its service could change your life. In an age where AI is providing most of the automated service solutions on the market, Magic puts top-notch humans to work on any request you ask it for, instantly.

Want Thai food delivered to your office? Text Magic. Need a doctor’s appointment scheduled for next Thursday? Text Magic. Looking for last-minute tickets to that Celine Dion concert you’ve decided to splurge on? Text Magic.

Magic is a 24/7 personal assistant service set up to help its users anywhere in the world. With each request taken care of by a professional personal assistant, you’ll notice a highly personalized level of service when it comes to turning your requests into reality.

Although it’s nice to imagine home masseuses and late-night snacks conjured on demand, there’s more to Magic than meets the eye. One of the key concepts of automation is recognizing what can be handed off in your workload in order to ensure you’re working on the stuff that matters most. With the use of Magic, there’s no excuse to spend your valuable work hours chasing dry-cleaning, booking reservations, hunting for medication, or even planning your next holiday. Magic gives you the power of easy delegation and immediate solutions, with assistants standing by on the other end of a text, whenever you need.

Magic’s useful for a wide range of users – solo entrepreneurs who may want to benefit from the services of an on-call personal assistant without an ongoing overhead, or teams who can outsource tasks that may otherwise turn into a time drain. At its core, Magic offers the removal of distraction, which can become a costly byproduct of the kinds of personal administration it takes to keep our lives going every day. Instead of getting bogged down in mundane details, turn to Magic to remove what you can from your to-do list and let you spend more time on deep work.

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of automation, Magic’s a great tool that will make a marked difference in how you allocate your time and resources. In the midst of learning how to delegate tasks that don’t need to be on your desk to someone else’s, you might just get a taste for how radically different your workflow can look with a higher degree of automation solutions.

And just because it’s good for everything doesn’t mean I’m not going to use it to order a sandwich. ‘Hey Magic, what’s open?’