Automation Hack: Automated Prospect Screening System

automation prospect

It’s Monday morning. A new lead lands in your inbox. They’ve arrived there through an enquiry form, Facebook chatbot, ad lead or referral. Your heart leaps… fresh business is just around the corner!

Sound familiar? If it does, then you’ll also be familiar with the sinking feeling that comes when those leads turn into clients from hell. Figuring out who’s going to bring with them a wonderful working experience, as opposed to which leads will turn into clients that make you grit your teeth in frustration long before your morning coffee, is the kind of superhero power we can only dream or. 

Or is it?

We know that not every incoming lead makes for an ideal customer. The longer you spend in your field, cultivating your brand and your business, the easier it becomes to identify what’s a ‘fit’, and the red flags that move from a lead from exciting through to… well, not the kind of client you’ll enjoy sending a Christmas card to.

Learning how to identify the clients who you can serve well and reap the rewards of takes time, skill and intuition. However, it can be helped along at a rapid rate through some simple but nifty automation hacks, like this one.

The Automated Prospect Screening Service is all about sorting the great from the ‘thanks anyway’. It enables you to identify your perfect clients, easily screening out the ones you don’t want. Sifting through your leads helps you to fill your calendar with the kind of work that’s worth your time, while protecting your energy reserves and ability to keep up momentum.

So how the heck does automation identify a good client vs. a move-it-along lead?

This Hack sees us setting up a number of different paths or outcomes based on the user’s response. Based on how they answer specific questions, they’re directed to other questions, a booking or landing page, or can be sent an automated email. If your team’s working in Slack, this Hack can be integrated to notify you within your workspace, or it can send you an email once the user’s form is completed.

This Hack takes the shape of one form with up to 30 fields + 5 different paths or outcomes for potential users. These may take the shape of an offer to book a call, a landing page, or a polite ‘thanks, but no thanks’.


We’ll provide a link to the form or embed code which can be integrated into your website, setting you up to get to know your dream clients through a smooth and streamlined process. 

Imagine the relief that comes with knowing that the clients who make it to your inbox … you’ll sign their Christmas card with genuine holiday cheer.