Automation Apps We Love

Automate your customer experience, team communication, data extraction, lead acquisition and outreach with your new favourite apps. Each of these apps is amazing on their own, but combined with other platforms you can create an automated powerhouse.

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Convert, retain, and grow your customers with beautiful personalized videos sent at just the right moment. Use Bonjoro to create a personal experience for customers, buyers, and sales leads. Integrate Bonjoro with ActiveCampaign, and thousands of other platforms via Zapier to add a unique touchpoint. Learn more in their free video funnel playbook.


ScoreApp leverages automation to streamline quiz funnel marketing, allowing you to effortlessly capture relevant warm leads, gather valuable data, and boost your sales.


Reply is a multi-channel outreach tool that brings a new level of automation to your outbound and inbound sales, recruitment, and business development. Send personalised cold emails to introduce your company to the world. 

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Create smart forms using Fillout, an easy to use form builder with advanced AI features and deep integration with platforms like Airtable, Hubspot, and more.

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Create business proposals in minutes, not hours. With custom branding, smart templates, and complete personalisation, Nusii creates an amazing first impression for potential clients. Integrate with your favourite apps to create smart automations between your CRM, Bonjoro, accounting software, and more.

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Create visual asynchronous communication with your team and customers. Record your screen with Zight as a personalised video with your voice & face, an annotated image, or a GIF and instantly share a link that can be viewed on any device. Embed anywhere, or connect with Zapier webhooks to share your video content across multiple channels. 

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High performing teams use Slack to communicate and collaborate without getting bogged down in email and meetings. Integrate it with thousands of other apps to create an automated communication system for your business.

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