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Automation Case Study: LeadClasses Training Company

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Steve Hoff, President of Leadclasses.com, was referred by a client to Agility Automation in early 2020 for automation consulting. 


Based out of Scottsdale AZ, LeadClasses.com runs training across multiple states in their EPA and State Lead Paint Certification courses. 


The Challenge

LeadClasses.com were manually creating thousands of class completion certificates a year, and wanted an automated way to produce, store, and send the certificates to their attendees.


They also needed to streamline their in-class sign-in process to speed up the registration of their students at each training event.


The Automation

The Agility Automation team created a system using a combination of Zapier, Jotform, Airtable, and Formstack Documents to automate the entire process.


We worked closely with Leadclasses.com to get the result they wanted:


Shaun was fantastic to work with. He listened carefully to understand our specific (and complex) needs, proposed solutions and tools, set up the entire process from prototype to implementation and finally, made sure that the system was virtually perfect before going live” – Steve Hoff


The first step was an intelligent form to capture all the student’s information for each training event. Since the forms are responsive on any device, the attendees can register quickly, on their mobile, using a QR code.


The form is connected to Zapier which processes it and sends it to Airtable. From there, some document automation magic happens and the certificates are created and sent to the attendees.


The Outcome

This process now only takes minutes instead of hours per event, even when they are doing several events in a week. It allows Steve and the team to focus on the training and business growth instead of spending time on admin.


If you’re struggling with tedious tasks like these or want help with Airtable, Document Automation, or Zapier, book your free Automation Strategy Call with an Agility Automation expert today.