Automation Hack: ‘Hey Alexa, can you market to my customers for me?’

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Are you an early adopter? Have you already got a friendly little voice-activated robot sitting in your home, just waiting for your next question?


Smart speakers are flooding the market, changing the way we carry out simple tasks such as checking the weather, setting calendar events, or making sure we remember to pick up milk on our way home from work.

With major companies such as Amazon and Google working to make sure their smart speakers are intuitive to user’s needs, whilst at the same time providing a seamless user experience, we can be guaranteed that the influx of smart speakers is only going to continue.


So, how can you utilize this new opportunity to engage with your current and future customer base without breaking the bank?


Introducing our Automation Hack: Build An Alexa Skill. This is just one of our new solutions to our most-requested and innovative Automation Hacks, designed specifically for companies looking for growth solutions in just 7 days (or less).


The Alexa Skill Hack gives you all you need to empower Alexa to answer questions like opening hours, stock availability, delivery options, contact details, and more. The Hack builds in up to 20 questions and answers, submitting them directly to the Alexa Skills direct so users in your region – or even overseas customers – can access them with a quick ‘hey Alexa?’ query.


Use these skills to answer customer queries, create easy access to your company FAQs, or even inject some of your company’s persona through the specific answers your customers will receive. It’s a marketing tool as much as it is an information transference tool – the sky’s the limit when it comes to how this can be effective for your business.


You’ll also benefit from the cutting-edge perception this encourages within your customers. By being responsive to changing market opportunities, you’re demonstrating agility, understanding and enthusiasm for new opportunities. We’re in an age of information demand like never before – potential consumers want access to the knowledge they need, in the moment they’ve decided they need it, and via the format of their choice. Stay nimble and present in your customer’s mind by meeting them on the access tool of their choice.


These Hacks are designed to provide results quickly. Once we’ve got the few ingredients we need from you, we move quickly to have skills submitted to Alexa’s skill base within 7 days.


Interested in putting Alexa to work for you? Check out the hack here. While we’re a few years away from programming Alexa to take care of the dishes and the gardening as well, we can always hope.