Automation Hack: Automated AI Video/Audio Transcription

automation AI hack

If you’re in the content production space in any form – audio, video, interview, webinars, training videos, you name it – here’s an Automation Hack that can dramatically cut down on the manual time needed to whip up stellar content. 👏


Transcription plays a crucial role in much of the content production process. Whether you’re a researcher working from a plethora of recordings, digging for that one small piece of information, a podcaster crafting audio content from hours of raw tapes, a blogger working in the interview space, or more, transcribed audio files can make a world of difference to the editorial process. Instead of digging through timecodes and an overload of material, accurate transcriptions give you data in digestible and manageable formats. 👍


The key? Accurate transcriptions. This is an industry that’s seen its fair share of bug-ridden ‘solutions’, with low-quality transcriptions becoming more cumbersome than load-bearing. A transcription that’s scraping audio data and churning out poor results is only going to increase your manual input, not reduce it.


Enter Rev.ai.


Before Rev.ai came along, automated transcriptions were expensive, prohibitively so for the majority of small business and solo operator users. Rev.ai brings the power of accurate, automated transcription at a fraction of the cost. It’s an extremely robust offering – but it becomes even more useful with a little sprinkling of developer magic.


Rev.ai’s trained on millions of hours of human-transcribed content, resulting in transcriptions that incorporate automated punctuation and capitalisation for ease of readability, multiple speaker recognition, time stamps, multi-channel audio support and custom dictionary support for industry-specific terminology. Rev.ai can even be put to work in live streaming environments, transcribing speech to text in the moment.


This Automation Hack takes your audio/video files, uploaded by Dropbox or Google Drive, and delivers back to you text file transcriptions. Your involvement? Throwing the file into the cloud, and opening your freshly baked transcription on the other side. This Hack couldn’t make it easier to enhance your content production capacities.


With affordability at this level, you can extend the way you use transcriptions into your daily workflows. Team meetings, client briefs, recording blog post copy into your phone while on the run – think about the time you spend manually typing out ideas, notes, pitches, products, and put this Hack to work in creative and time-saving ways.


Hacks like these are all about two things: improving your existing functionality and increasing your capacity. By automating your video and audio transcriptions in a one-and-done approach, you can focus your time on considering how to embrace more high-quality, customisable and robust content offerings, and not on how to manage them.


Give Rev.ai a test run here and take a look at how this Automation Hack comes together. Easy content creation awaits.