Automation Hack: Schedule Rotating Team Tasks

automation hack

A load shared is a load halved, right?


Being a part of a team is about communication and compromise – and knowing whose turn it is to take out the recycling. Whether you’re working in an office of two or a part of a larger team that spans offices and continents, learning how to shoulder shared responsibilities and keep the wheels turning on every aspect of daily operations is a crucial part of contributing to an enjoyable and productive workplace.


With this Automation Hack, you can set-and-forget the kind of regular tasks that need to be completed week in and week out. If you have any regular tasks that rotate on a schedule, or you’re looking to allocate leads across team members on a rotational basis, this is the Hack for you.


Whether you’re scheduling rotating tasks hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, this Hack is all about identifying regularity and then deciding on your behalf which task should be sent in which direction. It’s designed to take it turn by turn when it comes to assigning tasks to your team members and is fully customizable in who receives what (and how often they receive it).


One of the ways we’ve implemented this for a client is for incoming leads to be allocated to a different member of the sales team across each day of the week. Alongside this Hack’s ability to manage your incoming leads for you, it can schedule responsibilities across tasks like who’s on call, who’s on clean-up, who’s responsible for different core business activities on a rotational basis, and even whose turn it is to deal with the most difficult of customer enquiries.


This is a great way to ensure there’s a fair and reliable system at the heart of your office and team’s routine functionality. Particularly when it comes to an allocation such as sales leads, which may have financial implications attached, monitoring the equity of each member of the team and the tasks that land on their desk is crucial to ensuring a healthy and productive workplace.


Great automation isn’t always about revolutionizing workflows from top to bottom. Sometimes, it’s about the small, consistent implementations that can gain you back precious time in every workday. Handing over the administration of your team’s routines to the Hack is one way you can reclaim your time and reinvest it in an area that’s about growth, not micro-management.


Consider how this Hack could speed up the process of allocating…


  • Proactive tasks, such as making new sales calls, pitching new clients, researching competitor offerings and driving new business
  • Reactive tasks, such as handling customer enquiries, manning the front desk, or allocating items on the non-urgent to-do list


This Hack simply requires a paid Zapier account for the automations to run in the background. Once we’ve got access and a list of the tasks you want to send into a rotational play, we’ll have it wrapped up and handed back to you in no time.


Oh, and we won’t let your colleagues know if you ‘forget’ to leave yourself off the recycling rotation.