Spending hours on admin, when you should be growing your business?

Agility Automation enables you and your team to focus on growth.


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Turn your ideas into an automation strategy

Our Australian automation experts will work with you to brainstorm and refine your strategy. Here’s what we’ll cover on our call…

1. Choose your focus

Imagine what your business would be like if it were automated. You decide what you want to focus on in this free strategy call. This could be your client onboarding system, marketing, sales outreach, or a combination of the above.

2. Unpacking goals

We’ll unpack your goals and problems together to decide on some solutions and actions. Together we will create goals that can be achieved with automation. We will turn your ideas into a powerful automation strategy, based on your unique goals.

3. Create an automation framework

A framework will be designed that’s unique to your business and based on your goals. We’ll show you how to leave the repetitive tasks to automation. We will give you the steps you need so you can work on growing your business. Our experts specialise in Zapier, Airtable, ActiveCampaign, and Process Street, saving you thousands of hours.

Still not sure? Here’s what our clients have to say:

All of our clients have started their business automation with a free strategy call

Tree Amigos Saves Hours A Week With Automation.
It all started with a Strategy Call.

Meet Tree Amigos

Taman Treweek runs Tree Amigos, a locally-owned small business in Melbourne, Australia.


Taman came to Agility Automation needing to automate the quote management process, because the team was wasting too much time on leads outside of their area, or less than ideal leads (because of the type of job, timeframe, or other factors). 


We built a layered automation system to screen potential leads on their website, with metrics around choosing their potential customers. 


This user-friendly contact form has several complex rule processes in the background that can reject or accept a lead on the basis of several factors. 


After the lead is accepted, they enter the automated sales and customer experience process in ActiveCampaign.


This automated tool saves Tree Amigos hours a week in phone calls and driving, and at least an hour a day of admin work. 


It also improved the customer experience by setting expectations from the start of the interaction with the business.