Merry Christmas from Agility Automation

automation christmas

There’s a little bit of magic that takes place each Christmas – and I don’t mean the Santa-turning-up-without-a-chimney type. It’s the magic that occurs when everyday routines slow, when champagne bottles are popped, and when family and friends gather and reflect on the year that was.

It’s the time we’re able to take out from the demands of daily lives in order to evaluate how we’ve spent our time, what we’ve achieved, and how we can recalibrate in order to step into the next year with focus, intent, and anticipation.

This year I’ve had the privilege of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Partnering with teams across many different industries has allowed me to get a glimpse of other people’s journeys and take part in celebrating their successes. When we’re able to work together to find solutions that allow companies to achieve what it is they truly set out to, there’s a great sense of satisfaction for both of us. 2018 has seen no shortage of deep transformation for my clients and collaborators as we’ve worked together to find automation solutions that can unlock their potential for more.

Personally, honourable mention goes to the following apps that have made all the difference in my own work across 2018…

  • Airtable for its dynamic and easy database management. Information is easily accessible, everything is customizable, and the app’s a pleasure to use.
  • Intercom for its easy communications management. I don’t have to think twice about how my EDMs are managed thanks to its intuitive and effortless interface and features.
  • Kajabi for everything website-related. Online stores, easy blog post creation, website creation and integrations… Kajabi makes managing an online presence a dream.
  • Voxer for the ability to communicate on the move. Forget pricey phone bills or issues with service – Voxer allows me to communicate with awesome walkie-talkie functionality and not a second thought. I’m a big fan.

As this year draws to a close, I’m thankful for the opportunity to improve workflows, radically transform results and see individuals and teams set up for greater success through the inherent value automation unlocks. It’s my hope for 2019  that you will experience for yourself the power of what can be achieved with the right tools and mechanisms in place.

Let’s take this time out to celebrate with our loved ones and reflect with gratitude on the year that’s drawing to a close. I hope you find rest and relaxation during this Christmas season.

And then, let’s come back refreshed and ready for more results, greater wins, and deeper satisfaction – I’ll let you know just the way to kick this off when the New Year is upon us.

Merry Christmas to you and yours – time for that well-earned break.