How to use online forms for (almost) everything

automation forms

Let’s take a look at a tool you may already have a degree of familiarity with. You’ve probably filled a couple out in the past 24 hours – the online form has emerged as a ubiquitous form of data gathering and transactional processes. However, online forms can be the under-appreciated swiss army knives of  your customer engagement strategies, so I’m championing their cause in a fight for the underdog. 

Online forms can be used to build databases, engage leads, capture early enquiries, trigger direct downloads, sign up new users, generate immediate quotes, increase conversion rates or sample customers through surveys. Not only do they offer many benefits, but they’re also deceptively simple to set up and use. A well-crafted online form can make engagement with your current or potential customer base smoother and can lead to the increased profitability of your sales approaches.

Some of the benefits of online forms include…

  • The ability to capture data. Request email addresses, genders, DOBs, addresses, you name it. A simple online form can be custom-designed to capture the data that’s most important to your business through one single point of contact – and it’ll probably take your customer under 30 seconds to complete. Everybody wins. 


  • Automated follow-up. Rather than scrambling to capture an incoming lead or customer query via phone or email, online forms can be automated to trigger follow-up messages most suited to each form’s use. Your users can have a response in their inbox within a split second of pressing submit.


  • Full customization. Let your online forms, no matter their content, continue a seamless brand experience through the use of your company logos, visuals, and styling. The same kind of quality your customers experience through other forms of communication with your team can be directly translated into an effortless and highly functional online form experience.


  • Save resources. Do away with printed forms, postage costs and the manual labour of handling mass data movements in and out of a database. Automate your online form capture system to communicate with your CRM, and incoming leads will find their way in without any more manual effort. 


To evaluate whether online forms may be of use to you, take a look at the way you currently capture data, store and respond to incoming leads, survey your customer pool and communicate effectively to the external world. The odds are high that there’s an online form solution for just about all of it.