Process Street Consultants

We’re Process Street partners and can help transform your business processes into smart, repeatable checklists.

Process Street takes the power of the trustworthy checklist system and turns it into an automated workflow creator. Designed to serve companies large and small, Process Street’s deceptively simple framework opens up a world of systemisation and workflow management — some, you can set up in a manner of seconds.

This is one of those apps that flexes its muscles across all kinds of problem-solving, bringing an adaptive and powerful tool to the table in the management of recurring team checklists and procedures.

In a nutshell, Process Street enables the creation of procedure documents in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. For team workflows that require the repetition of tasks on a regular basis, Process Street can automate the process and turn it into a collaborative and recurring workflow.

Within the workflows themselves, you’ve got the power to assign tasks to specific team members. The app’s dashboard creates an easy place for activity tracking, bringing with it notifications whenever tasks are completed.

If you’ve already made yourself at home within an app designed to make work easier, there’s a good chance Process Street offers simple integration. It’s currently got integrations set up with over 1000 apps, including our trusty friend Zapier, allowing Process Street to speak to your existing app workflows whenever actions happen within its framework.

Within the specific features Process Street boasts are…

  • Structured data capture capacities through the use of forms (enabling the receiving of data from apps you’re already using)
  • Rich media handling, so you can add images, videos and files into your workflows at the point they’re necessary
  • Recurring workflows which can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Conditional logic — use the strength of if/then pathways to create dynamic and relevant checklists
  • An up-to-the-minute activity feed and audit trail, so you’ve got full overview across your team’s movements and progress
  • The ability to manage user permissions within groups, further personalising your process setups

If you’re looking to explore some of Process Street’s offerings in action, take a look at their checklist templates.

The Website Launch Checklist, for example, shows how a launch plan can be extrapolated out into specific tasks and requirements without the heavy labour of planning and workflow management. Tasks are grouped under headings, the checklist moves the size of the job scope from broad to specific, and the checklist can be replicated as many times as needed, saving the ground-up build needed on every project. If this is a process that would have taken a two-hour team meeting and a long chain of emails, Process Street’s just saved you a chunk of your work week — and your energy.

You can kick off with a free trial to poke around and check out the power under Process Street’s hood — odds are, it’s going to change the way you work for the better.