Small Business Automation Consulting

Automation consultants often work on a reactive basis. A client hits a problem, they panic, and turn to automation for a fix, losing time, money and momentum in the process.

Not here.

Here, we’re all about finding the solution to the problems long before they reach the red alert stage. 

In fact, we’re so into our proactive approach that our Automation Deep Dive is all about building businesses that are systemised from the ground up to embrace automation, to save costs, increase productivity, reduce manual labour and send those profits rocketing.  

In four intuitive steps, we’ll work together to take your business’s automation prospects from ‘eh’ to chomping at the bit, ready to get going. 

If you’re looking to unlock your business’s potential, identify how to automate your systems and processes and discover just how much more you can push productivity without breaking a sweat, this is the deep dive for you.

Step through the Deep Dive to understand:

  • Where your business is at in terms of harnessing the power of automation
  • What can be gained by utilising automation across sales, marketing, communication, fulfilment and management channels
  • How you can reduce overheads while increasing growth potential
  • How to use automation tools to find, communicate with and deliver to your ideal customers 

If you’re a business owner who wants more out of their team, their days and their bottom line, this is the process for you.

Our work together looks like…

Step 1. Deep dive with you and your team

We’ll kick off our work together with a Deep Dive startup call (90-120 minutes). In this time, we’ll ask you about every facet of your business’s operations, looking to unearth all we need to know about your current work, your goals, plans for growth and more, all in the name of serving you up with the most specific and applicable automation outcomes the market has to offer. We’ll also work together to identify exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve through this automation deep dive experience, as well as bringing new areas of opportunity to your attention that may have been overlooked to date.


Step 2. We carry out a full analysis of your business systems

Once we’ve spent this initial time with you, we’ll carry out a full analysis of your business systems. This includes a review of your current customer journey (and a hunt for automation potential), a full review of your current app stack, and research across platform alternatives for automation tools that will best serve your needs and profitability potential. 


Step 3. We deliver your business blueprint

Our analysis will take the shape of a report full of recommendations for suitable platforms, system enhancement and advice on further actions you can choose to take to buff up your automation and minimise wasted time and energy. This blueprint will include advice on automation systems and integrations (across what’s readily available on the market) and recommendations on how personalised development can lift your business’s game even further. 


Instead of sending through a report on its own, we’ll also jump on an Automation Blueprint call (60 minutes) to work through these recommendations and findings one step at a time, making sure you’re equipped with all of the information you need to make the most of them in your next steps.


Step 4. Want to implement? We get to work. 

During our Automation Blueprint call, we’ll be able to provide you with a scope of production across costs and timelines for any subsequent automation projects that emerge as recommendations within your business blueprint. 


The Deep dive is USD $2500, and is generally completed within 2-4 weeks from our start date, depending on the complexity of your business, and doesn’t include the building or creation of automation systems.