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Hi, I’m Shaun Hughston 👋

I’m the founder of Agility Automation

No matter what type of business you have, it can be automated. I help business owners get unstuck to automate and optimise their business.


I started Agility Automation after running my own small businesses and realising the immense power of automation.

Now, I work with other businesses to realise their automation potential.  

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We give freedom to business owners by automating the repetitive and mundane so they can build an empire in their industry.


We are a group of professional automation developers. Automation is our passion, and we have helped countless businesses in Australia and across the world transform their productivity and systems into automation powerhouses.


We have a team of amazing Automation Hackers, each with their own superpowers, ready to automate your company.


We are recognised experts in business automation, and have presented at events in Australia and the United States