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agility client testimonials
“I hired Agility Automation to design and build several databases and automations to power our key community and partnership programs initiatives within Australia.

Shaun and the team at Agility Automation have that perfect blend of competence, agility (mind the pun!), diligence and friendliness to get even the hardest of jobs done quickly and efficiently. I couldn't recommend them enough to any business leader seeking to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness with system automation.”
“I hired Agility Automation to automate our extremely complex and heavily administrative systems and processes. Working with Agility Automation has been a pleasure. All team members are extremely knowledgeable and keen to understand your business to ensure they offer the best advice and service offerings to improve your overall business functions.”
"Agility Automation helped build out a system in Airtable based on our requirements, creating a system similar to an SQL database without the associated costs and complications. Effectively, it’s a turbo-charged excel sheet that works well for our business since we can choose what information our customers can view and automate reports."
Tom Bosanquet
“The best thing about Agility Automation is that once you tell them what needs to be done you never have to worry about it again. The job is done perfectly behind the scenes so you can focus on the business without worrying about something going wrong. If there are things you can do to improve your automations then Agility will be proactive and come to you with the best recommendations.”
"Shaun was fantastic to work with. He listened carefully to understand our specific (and complex) needs, proposed solutions and tools, set up the entire process from prototype to implementation and finally, made sure that the system was virtually perfect before going live. We have successfully used Airtable combined with the other tools to create certificates for thousands of our attendees. We are so grateful to have found Shaun and Agility Automation and look forward to working with him again on all future projects. He has our highest recommendation."
“I can teach people how to Optimize, Automate, and Outsource just about anything, but when I need next level automations masterfully built, Agility is my go-to team.”
“It saves me SO much time! And it makes the very detailed work of scheduling and running training an absolute breeze. Shaun is patient and kind, and knows his stuff”
“Shaun is thorough in gaining an understanding of what we want so that we’re not spending time later in the project finding problems. I’m not an automation specialist...Shaun has been able to provide excellent advice around all of the projects we want to do.”
“They are all over this stuff and know what needs to be done to ensure it is done correctly. It is sometimes not that easy to explain what you need and Agility are patient and available.”
“Shaun was fantastic. I thoroughly recommend him for automation work. He is great at what he does and really easy to work with.”
“Shaun did a fantastic job, speedily and simply just what was needed! He communicated well and provided clear and concise feedback to us so that we could understand the process. Any other queries or things that need to be done for Formstack we will re contract. Really impressed with his knowledge and ability. Highly recommend Shaun, really great to work with.”
"Shaun did a great job in creating this Zapier API integration, working around technical limitations and bringing expert advice. His communication and technical skills are excellent!"
“Shaun was very professional to work with. He is very communicative and completed the work in a timely manner. I would recommend him and look forward to working with him again”
“I enjoyed working with Shaun. He is very communicative and has loads of experience with the matter at hand. Warmly recommended.”
“Shaun is a star, excellent in every way, will hire again”
“Shaun was really great to work with and instrumental in getting us to tidy up and document our zaps. I didn't realise how much of a mess we had and hence how vulnerable we were. I am so grateful we were able to work with him in this way.”