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With powerful automation tools in your marketing agency, let your team focus on growth. Impress customers and prospects at every step of their journey, from lead generation to marketing management.

Meet Crib Creative

Crib Creative offers large scale marketing services to over 1200 real estate agents in Perth, Australia. They deal in volume and, on average, shoot 50 houses a day. Alana Earl, the Managing Director of Crib Creative is always looking for more ways to innovate to be the leaders of the industry. 


Alana and the team at Crib Creative came to Agility Automation to automate and streamline their post-production and client communication processes. 


We created a base in Airtable that is triggered when their daily quality control is complete. 


The system generates a smart link to send to the client via email using one of seven different templates. This eliminated the manual work they had to previously do across every one of those jobs, saving the company hours of manual, repetitive work per week 

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