Client Case Study: Wrapology’s Streamlined Operations with Airtable


Client: Wrapology






Wrapology, an established name in retail packaging, embarked on a mission to enhance its internal operations for improved customer service. The company’s Director, Tom Bosanquet, recognised the need for an improved stock and order management system. This case study highlights how the integration of Airtable improved Wrapology’s efficiency and streamlined its processes.




Wrapology was in search of a system that could manage customer information and automate reports effectively, without the complexity and cost associated with traditional database systems. Their goal was to find a solution that was adaptable, efficient, and user-friendly.




Agility Automation was brought on board to assist Wrapology in developing these systems. They recommended the implementation of Airtable, a platform known for its flexibility and ease of use, as a solution. This tool offered the desired functionality without the need for complex or expensive database systems.




Integrating Airtable into their operations led to a significant improvement in Wrapology’s stock and order management. The system’s user-friendly interface simplified data management, while automated reporting features enabled quicker, data-driven decision-making. These changes resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy in Wrapology’s day-to-day operations.


Client Testimonial


Director Tom Bosanquet was highly appreciative of the solution provided. He said, “They [Agility Automation] helped build out a system based on our requirements, creating a system similar to an SQL database without the associated costs and complications. Effectively, it’s a turbo-charged excel sheet that works well for our business since we can choose what information our customers can view and automate reports.” This feedback underscores the effectiveness of the Airtable system in meeting Wrapology’s specific business needs.




The case of Wrapology highlights the practicality and benefits of using adaptable technology solutions like Airtable. The combination of the right technology and expert guidance led to improved operational efficiency and customer service at Wrapology.


Key Takeaways

  • Adaptable Solutions: The use of flexible platforms like Airtable can meet specific business needs effectively.
  • Expert Guidance: Partnering with companies like Agility Automation can provide valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Efficiency in Operations: Streamlining complex processes can lead to improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • Tailored Systems: Customising systems to business requirements enhances functionality and user experience.

Wrapology’s experience with Airtable, backed by Agility Automation’s expertise, serves as an insightful example for businesses looking to enhance their operational processes through modern and efficient technological tools.