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5 Things to Know: How AI is Transforming Business Processes

Chat GPT for Airtable


Unsure what you can do with AI in your business? Here are five things AI can do for you to make your business more efficient and free up your time.




1. Create zaps in Zapier using their AI zap creation tool



Automation tools like Zapier have become indispensable for small businesses, streamlining workflows by connecting multiple applications. Zapier’s AI zap creation tool goes a step further by predicting which tasks would be most beneficial for your automations. Instead of manually setting up connections, the AI takes your prompt and recommends suitable integrations, making it easier for even those not tech-savvy to set up complex automations.





2. Create drafts of content for blogs, LinkedIn posts, emails, and more


Writing can be time-consuming, especially when you’re aiming for consistency and quality across various platforms. AI can assist in generating initial drafts based on the topic and keywords you provide. These drafts can serve as a foundation, enabling you to produce content more efficiently. For instance, tools like OpenAI’s GPT models can be used to create coherent and contextually relevant drafts, which you can then refine and personalise to match your brand voice.





3. Use ChatGPT to help with Airtable formulas and scripts


Airtable combines the best of spreadsheets with databases, offering a versatile platform for organising and processing data. But like any tool, there’s a learning curve, especially when diving into formulas and scripting. Enter ChatGPT. By asking specific questions about what you want to achieve in Airtable, ChatGPT can guide you, providing insights on how to structure formulas or suggesting scripts that might be relevant. It’s like having an Airtable expert right by your side.





4. Summarise transcripts of meetings and calls


We’ve all been there: hour-long meetings that leave us with pages upon pages of notes or transcripts to sift through. With AI, this process becomes a breeze. AI-driven tools can be used to extract the essential points from these transcripts, presenting them in a concise summary. This not only saves time but ensures that critical insights aren’t lost in the shuffle, ensuring teams remain aligned and informed.





5. Use the built-in AI in Notion to create policies and procedures


Notion has become a popular tool for documentation and project management. Its built-in AI can assist in crafting policies and procedures by suggesting relevant templates and content blocks based on your input. Instead of starting from scratch, the AI guides you, making the documentation process more streamlined and ensuring that you cover all essential aspects of any policy or procedure.




Harnessing the power of AI in your business isn’t about replacing human effort but enhancing it. From streamlining workflows with tools like Zapier to extracting valuable insights from meeting transcripts, AI offers a myriad of ways to make business operations more efficient. It’s less about the technology itself and more about the opportunities it creates, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture while AI handles the intricacies.