Apps I Love: Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge)

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WebMerge’s got a whole new look under its new branding of Formstack Documents, but its powerful document generation features are just as robust as ever. An app that’s designed entirely around the streamlining of paperwork, Formstack Documents allow you to upload, merge and deliver smart documents all within their online platform. You can also build documents from the ground up, turning simple Word documents into fillable PDFs, sharing documents with customers, colleagues, potential clients and new leads in a quick flash.


Formstack Documents is built on integration. Once your document is created, you can choose from a number of third-party integrations in order to send your merged files to a wide variety of end destinations. Whether you’re collecting signatures through the use of tools such as DocuSign, HelloSign or SignNow, storing files in Box, DropBox or Google Drive, Formstack Documents shepherds your documents through predetermined pipelines to guarantee delivery to the intended recipient or safekeeping home.

Moving beyond document automation and into document generation, Formstack Documents brings robust capacities across data merging needs. Formstack’s API integrates with third party services to scan a list of documents in your account, the fields within each document, and to then send data to each document via unique URL web hooks. You can also work from spreadsheets, with CSVs merging into separate documents via direct upload. As well, Formstack Document’s solution to manual data entry sees it offering a basic web form that quickly and intuitively generates merged documents, automatically sending via delivery options and making the process of internal document creation simpler than ever.

Formstack Documents is geared towards solutions across all kinds of industries, including the education market, financial services, healthcare, real estate, insurance, government and more. For departments such as administrative, sales, legal or human services, which are traditionally reliant on a suite of paperwork and manual workflow managements, Formstack Documents can save hours per day. 

Solutions include…

  • Receipt and invoice automation
  • The automation of customer communication across newsletters, announcements and other letters
  • Easy generation of weekly, monthly or yearly reports
  • Automated employee onboarding via automated new hire paperwork and signature/approval processes
  • Streamlined contractor agreement processes
  • Simplified and streamlined employee requests and approvals
  • Easily customised marketing materials, delivered via automation
  • Immediate generation and delivery of special offers per customer segment base
  • Automated presentation generation, empowering marketing teams to automate the personalisation of prospect pitches 
  • Easy NDA generation and management across eSignature delivery integration
  • Simplified execution of wills and trusts

No matter where you sit in your team or in your industry, Formstack Documents can take over complicated and manual-work-reliant processes and turn them into simplified, streamlined and safeguarded workflows. 

Revamp the way your team works across paper trails, saving time, money, increasing security and reducing your physical expenditure. 

Try it for free today, and never look back – it’s time for that filing cabinet in the corner to retire gracefully.