I Wrote This Article With Automated AI

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Recently, I was inspired by a post about Jasper and automation with AI. In the article, they mentioned that we might be able to use artificial intelligence for writing articles.

After reading it, I wanted to find out more about this idea so I decided to write an article myself with Artificial Intelligence: to see what happens when you let a computer write your blog post.

Now, in truth, Jasper doesn’t write articles for you. Instead, it helps with the writing process by suggesting topics and interesting ideas to explore; giving information on traffic statistics and popularity of related posts; adding in SEO keywords when necessary, and proofreading your work before publishing it.

I have to admit I was apprehensive, but in reality, it helps me write more in less time.

Here’s how it works for writing a blog article. You provide a description of the piece, and Jasper suggests a bunch of titles (or you can choose your own). You can add keywords, and even a tone of voice (this one is written with a ‘witty’ tone 😉 ).

After the initial setup for the article, you start writing. After a few sentences, Jasper will show a ‘compose’ button, which means it has enough content to start writing for you. It adds the content, then you write some again, and so on.

It’s not for everybody. 

If you want complete control over your writing, it’s probably not going to work for you. But if you are willing to let go of some control, Jasper can be a huge help.

If you’re a business owner and you need help writing copy, then I think that Jasper.ai is going to be a great tool for you. It’s a powerful AI-based text generator that does all the work for me. I just choose what type of content I want it to generate from its library of templates, hit enter, and my new content pops up on the screen in seconds. No more stressing over hard words or trying to come up with something clever!

Choosing the right words for your copy is more of an art than a science. Don’t try to do it on your own. With Jasper.ai you can generate high-quality content in seconds without investing hours of time.

It has built-in templates for different types of writing. It can help with sales copy, blog posts, ads, testimonials, and even Amazon product descriptions.

What I like most about it is that it can help me write better overall, even if Jasper doesn’t actually publish my content for me.

Jasper wrote about 80% of this article, and I think it came out, well, ok, with some light editing. The first draft came in at around 20 minutes.

But don’t take my word for it; Jasper will write the last sentence:

“I’m not a magic pill. I won’t write your articles for you, but I can help inspire and structure them.”

– Jasper