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Calendly + Agility Automation

At Agility Automation, we can help clients accelerate their use of Calendly, a scheduling automation tool. Our goal is to ensure that you can make the most out of Calendly’s features to streamline your appointment booking processes, saving you time and enhancing your productivity.


Custom Integration and Setup

Our team works closely with you to set up Calendly according to your specific needs. Whether you’re a solo professional managing your own calendar or a large organisation coordinating multiple schedules, we tailor the integration to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows.


Streamlined Scheduling

Calendly is designed to eliminate the back-and-forth emails typically associated with scheduling meetings. We help you configure Calendly to automatically match your availability with that of your clients or colleagues, ensuring that appointments are booked efficiently. Our experts can set up custom event types, buffer times between meetings, and other advanced features to optimise your scheduling process.


Integration with Other Tools

Calendly’s true power is unlocked when integrated with other tools you use daily. We assist in connecting Calendly with your CRM, email marketing software, video conferencing tools, and other platforms. This integration ensures that all your systems work together harmoniously, providing a unified approach to managing your appointments and client interactions.


Automation and Workflow Enhancement

Our team helps you leverage Calendly’s automation capabilities to reduce manual tasks. From sending out automatic reminders to follow-up emails post-meeting, we ensure that every step of your scheduling process is streamlined. This not only reduces the risk of missed appointments but also improves overall client satisfaction.


Training and Best Practices

We provide training sessions to ensure your team gets the most out of Calendly. These sessions cover everything from basic setup to advanced features and best practices, empowering your team to use Calendly effectively and independently.

By partnering with Agility Automation, you gain a trusted ally in maximising the benefits of Calendly. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you create a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly scheduling experience that supports your business objectives.