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Cloudinary automation

Cloudinary + Agility Automation

Agility Automation provides expert services to help clients maximise the capabilities of Cloudinary, a robust cloud-based media management platform.


Cloudinary Solutions

We recognise that each business has unique media management needs. Whether it’s setting up automated media processing, configuring delivery options, or creating efficient media libraries, we tailor Cloudinary to fit seamlessly into your existing operations.


Seamless Integration

Cloudinary’s powerful media management capabilities are further enhanced through integration with your existing tools and platforms. Agility Automation specializes in connecting Cloudinary with content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, marketing tools, and other essential applications. This integration ensures a unified media environment, reducing manual tasks and minimising errors.


Optimisation and Automation

Beyond the initial setup, we focus on optimising your Cloudinary configurations to ensure peak performance. By implementing automation scripts and custom workflows, we streamline media processing, transformation, and delivery. This optimisation not only speeds up media workflows but also enhances the quality and consistency of your media assets.


Training and Support

To ensure your team can fully leverage Cloudinary, Agility Automation provides comprehensive training sessions tailored to different user levels. Our support extends beyond deployment, offering ongoing assistance to troubleshoot issues, refine processes, and implement new features as your needs evolve.