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In our current age of online communication, it’s hard to believe that people around the world used to wait patiently by the fax machine as they received important documents, watching faxes print line by noisy line. There were no better alternatives to fax then. Now most of us are used to the immediacy of files shared by email or delivered via the cloud – the thought of a physical experience transmitting data to a clunky machine on the other end is a distant memory. However, for a number of small and medium business enterprises, the simple fax machine remains a party of daily business function. Although we’d like to believe the fax machine is dead with its golden days long behind it, the functionality it provides is still viewed by many as integral.

Here’s the good news: there are faster and smoother alternatives to fax that will positively contribute to your daily workflows. A variety of simple solutions gives you the opportunity to turn that old fax machine off forever and integrate a modern, updated and smoother system.

Some people may prefer to eradicate fax altogether, whilst others may be more interested in finding modern compromises that allow their customers and staff to continue to use a system that’s familiar to them. Here are some tips for both approaches.

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Providing a strong user-friendly alternative to fax, such as files sent and received over email, is one way to ensure that fax machine can be wheeled out of the office forever.

Finding the best alternative can be achieved by asking your customers and staff why they’re still relying on fax. Perhaps there’s hardware issues in the office, such as the need for a better scanner that would enable files to be sent digitally. Maybe it’s a gap in education, and some simple guidelines around the use of digital alternatives will solve the problem. Whatever the issue in the way, once it’s removed, set a hard cut-off date with your team to mark the end of fax forever – and what better way to celebrate than a fax destruction party like this? Though it may require an adjustment period from your team, moving over to digital fax solutions can save time, money and help to build cohesiveness into an automated digital workflow. 



If you’re looking for a little bit of a softer approach, there’s a number of great online fax-like services.Efax allows you to set up a dedicated fax number that enables you to send and receive faxes via email, and Twilio also combines app technology and fax capabilities. Learn about automating your everyday tasks here.

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As well, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology offers the ability to digitize print material, extracting key data and differentiating between letters and images.  This equips you with the power to edit the original document digitally in a seamless workflow. If you’re looking for a way to implement modern technology in your workflow whilst giving your clients the ability to send faxes to you as usual, these alternatives provide a great middle ground.

Whatever solution you find, don’t get left in the dust. Send your last fax today and say farewell to yesteryear.

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