Communication Is Changing

You’ve probably sent a few text messages. Maybe jumped onto that Facebook chat group that blew up overnight and sent off a quick response. You’ve most likely sent an email, answered a phone call, or perhaps even engaged in that most old-fashioned of communication methods: face-to-face conversation.


The way we communicate  has exploded as technology continues to make its way into every corner of our rituals, habits and processes. No longer do we wait for the mail to bring important news, or send telegrams to loved ones far away. As quickly as interpersonal communication has morphed into an ever-present, always-available, multiple-options-at-your-fingertips web, so too has the potential for businesses to engage with their customers in new, intuitive and innovative ways.


And yet, surprisingly – far too many businesses communicate with their customers the same way today as they did a decade ago. What is it they’re missing out on?


A hell of a lot.


Goodbye, linear


Linear communication is a one way process where the sender sends a message, and the receiver receives. There’s no feedback, response, or interaction.


Non-linear communication opens up a world of opportunity. Imagine having the power to sit down with your customers – or potential customers – at their convenience, immediately, and without regard for geographical restriction. In the new world of communication we’re enjoying, all of these dreams are possible. With so many different communication tools at your disposal, your customers will never go wanting again – and even better yet, they’ll get to talk back.


This doesn’t mean you’ve got to park a staff member by a phone every hour of the day. Automated communication allows for the establishment of authentic, engaging, customer-oriented communication to take place in real time.


Chat is crucial – and it takes place on social media.


Gone are the days where the first port of call for a client to reach a provider is the telephone. The rise of chat-based communication systems and chatbots has altered our expectation of customer service and business communication. More often than not, customers are looking to engage with your company in a space they’re already spending time in – their social media worlds. Activating automated chat-based communication lets you enter into the world of your consumer without missing a beat.


Voice still matters


Bad news for the introverts: voice-based communication methods still matter. However, with a host of tools designed to make voice communications far easier than the phone tag dances of the past, the world of vocal communication has also gained the benefits of some major upgrades.


Automation is awesome


Look, this may sound like a lot of work… like a lot of, well, communication is needed from you.




Automation can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.


Sure, an AI robot may not be pouring your mojito for you as you sit back and let automation do the rest for you just yet. However, if you’re willing to sign up for mojito duties, we can set up automation to take on the rest.