Put your content to work with the Automation Hack: The Content Recirculation Machine.

automation recirculation

‘Sure, two blog posts a week, a podcast episode and a LinkedIn update won’t take too long.’

Even the optimists among us can come up against an unwelcome wake-up call when tasked with keeping a hungry social media machine fed. There’s no doubt about it – organic content is a powerful way to build ongoing brand recognition, increase familiarity with your customers and clients, and position yourself as a leading and authoritative voice within your industry. But while we may have the best of intentions when it comes to contributing to online conversations and engaging authentically, keeping up with a demanding and consistent content schedule is no small task.

When exploring how automation can make the most impact on any business, large or small, the logic we’re always looking for is this: how can we work smarter, not harder? It’s right there in the name of Ari Meisel’s Less Doing, who’s all about guiding entrepreneurs to create structure within their business that keeps them focused on growth, not everyday needs.

This Automation Hack is Ari’s brainchild. It combines a series of tools, automation and strategic outsourced to give content life on every medium you require. By creating a system that responds to a trigger (such as a blog post or a Facebook live), we’ll create an automation system using Repurpose.io that pushes your content out to social media, content systems, or a virtual assistant who can step in for anything the machine can’t do.

This Hack sets up a system designed to give your content life across…

  • Audio formats. Looking to automate a podcast from a Facebook live? Receive a by-the-second transcript from interview? Post content directly to Soundcloud? Get your trigger to do the work for you.
  • As a blog post. Direct to your website, reposted to Medium, utilized on LinkedIn – wherever you want your blog posts to land, this Automation Hack will lay the dominos in place so it happens without the lift of your finger – every time.
  • All social media platforms. How much time disappears even jumping between social media platforms to perform a relatively simple task such as reposting? Nip that downtime in the bud. Tell our Automation Hack where your content should live and it’ll be triggered to go live, in the format of your choice, and in the homes of your choosing.

We’ll add up to 15 different services so your content is pushed out far and wide, connecting with your audience segments across each of your online presences.


If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the world of content recirculation, you’re leaving inherent value on the table. Put your content to work and flex your audience-growing muscles by setting this Automation Hack to ‘smooth sailing’.