Automation Hack: Create A Medium Post From Blog Article

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Even though social media profiles are meant to make communication with the outside world easier, juggling various platforms and making sure content is published across every base can be more of a headache than it is a help. 

Not only are social media profiles hungry machines that require constant feeding, but there’s also the need to identify which platform is best positioned to connect you with your target audience.


Medium burst onto the scene in 2012 and has continued to gain steam as time continues. A publishing platform that focuses on quality over quantity, Medium’s a space where you’ll find thinkers, researchers, storytellers and professionals across just about every industry sharing articles from all corners of the globe.  


Categories include tech, culture, politics, business and life. If you’re not already on Medium as a writer or reader, you may be missing out on a powerful way to engage with a customer audience base. It’s particularly beneficial to those who are looking to establish themselves as experts in their field.


By providing your existing clients or customers with continued value through consistent blog posts, you’re building a relationship that goes beyond a single sales transaction and transforms into something that has long-term potential. All of us like to know and trust the brands we buy from – a presence on Medium introduces you as a fellow thinker, deliberator and human in a way that’s relatable and familiar. 


If you’re already blogging under your own name or a company brand, porting your content to Medium may provide you with another breeding ground for new leads and prospects. If you’re looking to keep it simple when it comes to your blog publishing process whilst tapping into the value of Medium’s platform, it’s time to bring another automation into the mix. 

The Create A Medium Post From Blog Article Automation Hack is designed to kill two birds with one stone. Once a new post is published to your blog, this automation will kick in to automatically post your new content to your Medium profile. 


You’ve just increased your audience base without having to do a single thing.


This hack is shaped for WordPress blogs, but there’s a good chance we’ll be able to set it up with an alternative system.

Next week we’ll take a look at other methods of automating your social media feeds, showing you tools that mean no more manual scheduling, jumping between platforms or frustration with ported content. In the meantime, if you believe a Medium presence can add value to your work, check out our easy automation hack today. More impact, not more effort.