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Automation Hack: Automated Hiring Process

automation hiring

If you’ve ever been a part of hunting for just the right candidate for the position within your team, you’ll be familiar with how tedious it can be to work your way through the hiring process.

It’s common to be bombarded with CVs, boring cut-and-paste cover letters, hours of reference checks to work through – finding the right person for the job is a whole task in and of itself. HR Technologist states that hiring processes can take an average of 23 days, with over half of HR managers spending more than three hours a day caught up in administrative duties, not in truly evaluating the candidate pool for the best fits.

I know what you’re thinking. Automated hiring? Really? How can an automation provide me with quality candidates?

By cutting through the rigmarole and getting you closer to the part of the process that truly matters.

This Automation Hack: Automated Hiring Process can do just that and more, bringing your new hire all the way through from faceless resume to onboarded employee. Save yourself (or your HR manager) the time spent on endless administration cycles and adapt your process to utilize automation functionalities.

Hiring doesn’t have to be a process that bogs you down in a sea of bad-fit-CVs. This automated process works with your defined parameters to identify what you’re looking for, running with these to sort through each and every applicant in order to identify the gold.

This automation comes directly from Less Doing’s Ari Meisel and his automation lab:

“I knew the most important thing we had to do after assisting our clients, was hiring as many talented people as we could find. Most businesses have to deal with hiring, and most have parts of their process that need improvement. We tried a dozen different recruiting platforms, applicant tracking systems, and hiring apps and none of them ever completely met our needs, until we devised this one”.


This Hack works by combining apps like Trello and Zapier to move candidates through a selection process, which includes an initial screening form, personality or suitability tests, interviews, background checks, contract signing, and on boarding. We work with the hiring questions you provide and some insight into your hiring process to ensure this automation is customized to your needs.

Whether you’re spending too much time creating job postings, sourcing candidates, checking for quality within the candidate pool or running detailed interviews, automation can provide seamless pathways and easy transitions. Take a look at this Automation Hack and put your new employee to work in a jiffy.