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Automation Hack: Extract Data From Emails

automation data extract

Previously, we took a look at some key automation habits to integrate into your workflows, which had the potential to offer hours of time back to you (and your team) on a weekly basis. 

Now, we kick it up yet another notch with our latest Automation Hack and its magic wizardry. With some nifty automation setups and a clear understanding of what constitutes valuable customer data to your business, this Automation Hack brings the ability to extract key data from incoming emails and send it directly to your system of choice. 

This is a powerful tool that can be customized to the needs of any workflow or management system, and is shaped around identifying specific data points that act as automation triggers. 

If your incoming emails bring with them a multitude of crucial leads, automating the process of moving that data into your CRM, or alternative system, is a powerful way to reduce the risk of failing to engage. Let’s say you’re currently set up to capture incoming customer enquiries via a web form, but actually getting back to that incoming enquiry requires the manual engagement of a team member who’s making sure to open up a new record within your CRM and set follow-up tasks. 

Skip the manual system and direct our email parser to identify what matters and convert it into a new lead automatically, bringing with it the potential to trigger an automated follow-up process and increase your business’s responsiveness. 

Perhaps you find yourself dealing with a wide range of customer help requests? Let’s whip up another hack and ensure incoming customer service queries receive a high level of engagement, simply by automating the process of pointing that data in the right direction internally.

By utilizing the strengths of email parsing systems, you’re able to remove your team’s reliance on eagle-eyed email habits and routines. After all, we’re all human – it’s far too easy for information to slip through the cracks when its safety is only ensured via a repetitive manual process.

Whatever it is that’s important to you and is transmitted via email, this Automation Hack has the power to identify and direct to the safest digital home. 

This Hack simply requires a Zapier account for us to connect to, and clarity around just what it is you’d love to extract from your emails. It’s entirely customizable and can be replicated to guide incoming data in all the right directions.

 Set, forget, and spend your time in a more productive manner. 

If the world of automation hacks is new to you, make sure to check out our range of tools that address a whole range of common automation questions. These hacks are designed to improve workflows, reduce manual tasks and strengthen team operations, whether it’s a team of two or a team that spans continents.