Top picks for easy video calls

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Video calls have a tendency to get a bad rap. When they do, it’s generally deserved – perhaps as a result of a conference call gone wrong, buggy software and apps, or the most unfortunate of moments when someone doesn’t quite realise the camera’s still on.

Video call etiquette – I can’t help with that. The rest? There’s a few easy solutions.

When video calls work, they work well. Video calls can be integral for remote teams looking to connect and brainstorm together. They’re also great tools for connecting with clients from afar with the additional benefits that emails alone don’t offer.

In order to keep your video calls from coming to screeching, awkward halts as a result of avoidable technical difficulties, look into using one of these trusted workhorse video call apps to soothe your frustrations.


  • Zoom is a reliable and consistent video communication tool which works from a cloud platform. Offering video and audio conferencing, chat functionality and webinar capabilities, Zoom works natively across all kinds of hardware, including mobile, desktop and room systems. You can kick off with Zoom for free, but if you’re really looking for something serious, Zoom’s Enterprise level supports up to 200 participants in a single call.


  • Google Hangouts are a healthy contender in the race for best video call software. Giving you the option to make free calls to other Hangout users, bringing in messaging, SMS and VOIP functionality as well. You’re not tied to your desktop with Google Hangouts, with full flexibility across Android and iOS so you can take calls on the run. This is an easy integration for those already active in Google Drive or Gmail, presenting through a familiar interface.


  • Our good friend Slack introduces itself into the competition with its video call capacity. Slack Calls are a built-in way to run video calls with people you’re already communicating with through Slack. This is a particularly easy option for teams who use Slack for their daily communication.


Providing your team with easy automation solutions removes the ‘how’ of your daily work and lets you get back to the what and the why. Finding a video call provider that works for you encourages healthy team collaboration and strengthened remote work relationships, which is increasingly important as more of our workforce than ever finds themselves in remote work setups.


Technology that works with you, and not against you – it’s the name of the game.