Apps I Love: Dashlane

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I’m sure if we all stopped to pause and genuinely consider our digital hygiene, we’d be more than a little uncomfortable with the results. A recent episode of Reply All saw podcast host Alex Goldman ask an online security expert to hack his personal details as an experiment. When the results came back, he was horrified rather than amused. Not only were former and current internet passwords easily accessible, but so were details around his home address, his accounts, his family, and more. Alex was tasked with a lengthy process to clean up his online security, and the first thing he implemented was a password manager.

When we use passwords that are common, easily guessed, or when the same password is used all over the place, we’re asking for trouble. Too much of our world now exists in a virtual space to leave an easy back door open.

Dashlane is a password manager app that provides an easy solution, killing two birds with one stone. It suggests and sets complex passwords that significantly increase your online security, and it stores them for you in a seamless and intuitive app that can log you in to your online accounts automatically.


Dashlane allows you to…


  • Store all of your passwords in one central location. Create a library with each app, account and website’s details always readily available at your fingertips.


  • Protect yourself through comprehensive security architecture and alerts. If you’re trying to create a new account with a password set to password123, Dashlane will let you know how they feel about your security prospects.


  • Autofill forms and logins with your personal information. More secure passwords, less memory power.


  • Sync your information across multiple platforms and devices so you’re always able to access what you need, when you need it.


Dashlane offers a free service for up to 50 passwords and is around the price of a single cup of coffee for its unlimited premium plan. Aside from the solutions it provides for individuals, Dashlane also excels in team security management. Group sharing allows for passwords to be sent between individuals or to groups without giving up privacy and security. Admins can also manage employee permissions across user groups.

Regardless of whether you’re managing your personal bank accounts, company finances, sensitive documents or client records, maintaining strong internet hygiene is of the utmost importance in our digital day and age. In the same way you wouldn’t leave your front door beckoning a welcome to strangers and passersby, the homes we build for ourselves online require thoughtful and stringent security. But it doesn’t need to be difficult – and Dashlane couldn’t make it any easier.

And if anyone’s still using password123, who knows? Maybe it’ll become the safest password on the internet simply because it’s hiding in plain sight. (I believe my friends at Dashlane would disagree.