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Automation Hack: Easy New Customer Onboarding & Payment

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For those of us with an entrepreneurial mindset, we get a kick out of the thrill of the chase – of looking for new opportunities for lead generation, of identifying potential new market segments, of inventing new products that can pull in an entire new customer base in one fell swoop. We love the rush of exploring how we can add value to our customer base, all the while increasing our prospects of turning leads into return customers.  

When the fruits of our labour result in new business, it’s a great feeling. 

The admin that can come with a new customer? Not so fun.

Successfully onboarding a new client or customer can be the key to clear communication and, just as importantly, getting paid for your work on time. It’s also important when you’ve got a team working across different stages of your sales funnel. Ensuring that customers make the jump from interested through to integrated is crucial to keep your business wheels turning without a hitch.

By onboarding your client through an intuitive and automated system, you can remove the risk of missed communication or back-and-forth time drains and get right to work on delivering the value that’s brought your client to the door in the first place.

Client onboarding can take all manner of shapes. The process needed is as individual as the business itself, but just because it’s personalized doesn’t mean it should be difficult. By investing upfront into a client onboarding process that’s specifically shaped for your business’s workflow, you’ll be able to let your onboarding run on autopilot, reinvesting your energy back into that thrill of the chase.

In response to this common business need, the Automation Hack for Easy New Customer Onboarding & Payment delivers immediate results and ensures your brand new client is successfully integrated into your system. 

This Automation Hack rolls out by…

  • Leading your new customer to complete a custom signup form via Jotform 
  • Capturing their payment information within the same signup form environment
  • Achieving customer sign-off through their online signature
  • Optional redirection to an additional questionnaire or calendar booking page

This Hack has been designed for customization, so clients can be onboarded to pay once or commit to a recurring subscription. We’ll build two forms with up to 20 customized fields per form, integrating form completion directly into your workflow through setting up email or Slack notifications. Whatever it is you need to capture about your customer at that crucial moment of conversion, this Automation Hack can be shaped to suit.

Remove the back-and-forth, the email chains, the scribbled notes from a hurried phone call – this Customer Onboarding solution is designed to streamline, simplify and strengthen your customer relationships.