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Even with the plethora of digital communication tools available to us, I remain a big believer in the power of voice. There’s nothing quite as personal as voice communication when it comes to creating an authentic communication experience for your customers or clients. Plus, for some, it’s perceived as the fastest way to get the answers you need in the moment you need them. Voice communication can protect the time of both your team and your customers when implemented strategically.

If you’re looking to integrate voice communication into your strategy, automation’s got a plethora of powerful options. Automation can give you the tools you need to leverage voice communication on a 24/7 basis.

Here are my recommendations when it comes to kick-starting your automated voice connection…

  • Check out Voxer – I’m a big fan of this app. Remember those walkie talkies you used to play with as a kid? Voxer’s your modern-day solution. Voxer lets you communicate with live voice, text functionalities, photo and location sharing. Leave quick messages for your team or your clients when it suits you, and pick up their response at the press of a button when you return. Or, you know, use it for stakeouts in the treehouse after midnight when your parents are asleep. I’m not judging.


  • Take another look at Twilio – I highlighted Twilio last week given its incredible flexibility across many forms of communication. When considering any kind of integrated communication strategy, Twilio’s the kind of swiss army knife application you need working on your behalf. Twilio’s voice applications extend to custom-designed call centres, third party API add ons, the ability to connect to any kind of voice service and ongoing media handling capabilities (think speech recognition and call recording).


  • Slybroadcast is a great tool that allows you to send campaigns directly from your phone to thousands of phone numbers across the US and Canada, including recorded voice messages. It’s also set up for Zapier and Salesforce integration so data becomes even more manageable.


  • Toky’s all about integrated phone systems and third party apps. It’s shaped around the delivery of real time data drawn from inbound and outbound calls and texts – and is accessible right in your browser window. This is a great solution for teams looking for mobility across platform and insights into customer behaviours. You can add Toky to intercom to give you messaging, SMS, and voice capabilities, all in the once place.


Automation only succeeds when it’s serving your business’s growth and functionality. By integrating your voice-based communication, you can increase customer accessibility, reduce workflow interruptions, and find ways to bring this classic mode of communication into a modern workflow. Check out the apps above – and get chatting.