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Apps I Love: AgileCRM

If you’ve been following along this automation journey for more than about a minute, you’ll already be familiar with the acronym CRM: Customer Resource Management. Being familiar with the terminology

automation magic

Apps I Love: Magic

How do you describe an app that can do just about anything for you, as long as it’s legal? Like magic. Magic’s the kind of wish-fulfilment-cross-personal-assistant you didn’t know you needed,

automation resolution

More automation resolutions for 2019

With the new year ramping up and many of us returning to work, I encouraged you last week to consider how simple automation integrations could greatly impact upon your 2019

automation christmas

Merry Christmas from Agility Automation

There’s a little bit of magic that takes place each Christmas – and I don’t mean the Santa-turning-up-without-a-chimney type. It’s the magic that occurs when everyday routines slow, when champagne

automation cloudapp

Apps I Love: CloudApp

No matter how our workflows and habits change as new technologies emerge, the need to communicate with our teams, clients and collaborators will always remain a top priority.  Face-to-face meetings

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