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Automation Hack: Automated Hiring Process

If you’ve ever been a part of hunting for just the right candidate for the position within your team, you’ll be familiar with how tedious it can be to work

automation data extract

Automation Hack: Extract Data From Emails

Previously, we took a look at some key automation habits to integrate into your workflows, which had the potential to offer hours of time back to you (and your team) on a

automation superpower

Automation Superpower – Zapier Web-hooks

Do you have a dream superpower? Mine is teleportation. Just imagine it – being able to do a quick jump to Paris for a coffee, or to visit friends and family

automation founder

Founder Interview: Amit Kothari from Tallyfy

Founder Interview: Amit Kothari from Tallyfy Tallyfy helps you make “blueprints for repeatable work”. In this founder interview, we talk to Tallyfy CEO Amit Kothari about the evolution of process

automation mic drop

Mic drop: Hands-Free Podcast Production Process

Who would have guessed it would take one true-crime podcast and a dedicated fanbase to break podcasts from the world of niche into mainstream culture? There’s no denying that ever

automation custom airtable

Automation Hack: Custom Airtable Base Build

For those of you who’ve been swept up in the awards buzz this week, I’d like to bring another contender to your attention: enter Airtable, arguably one of the best apps