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Automation Case Study – The Mental Health Coach

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Nick McEwan-Hall is an automation enthusiast, and the founder of The Mental Health Coach. He tasked the team at Agility Automation to help automate and optimise his enrollment process for new students.


We asked Nick to talk about his experience with Agility Automation, and the impact automation has made on his business.


Nick, can you start by introducing yourself?

I’m Nick, from The Mental Health Coach. My business teaches people Mental Health First Aid, as well as providing mental health coaching and counselling services. 


What do you love the most about your work and your industry?

The absolute life changing difference I can make by teaching people these skills. 


What are some parts of your workload that you’d happily hand over to automation, or have done so already?

Without a doubt, all our enrollment processes. I have worked with Shaun at the end of 2020 to create a highly automated solution to this complex process which works brilliantly – so good that we rolled it out at another organisation who does the same thing!


Where did your automation journey begin?

I have always been interested in automation and all the cool tools that are around. I love to tinker!


What did Agility build for you?

Agility built a system that connects our CRM, ActiveCampaign, to our enrolments database, using Airtable and Zapier. To enrol someone now takes a couple of minutes where it used to take about 10 minutes. 

The system sends out automated emails, SMS reminders, allows me to track attendance, completions etc – it’s absolutely brilliant!


How have Agility’s automations impacted your team’s workflows? Can you estimate how much time is saved on a weekly basis?

Hours a week saved, very easily. But it’s not just the hours saved – it’s the mental health aspect too, not having to worry if things are done or not, because the system handles it all for us. 


Are there any other unexpected results from automation implementation – do you benefit from time reallocation, the ability to focus on other fronts, or the space to grow without adding more manual work?

As a tinkerer, I get a little thrill every time I use our system – it just works so well and the expertise of the team at Agility is evident everywhere I look. It makes me smile how easy it is to use. 


Our clients have been really impressed with the reporting we can setup in Airtable too – it’s easy to let them see the progress of their staff through our training by sharing a view with them. And the best bit is, we don’t need to spend a single minute to create reports – the system JUST DOES IT! 🙂 


What’s on your automation wish list?

Still trying to work out the exact Zapier recipe that can walk my dog on a rainy morning while it also delivers coffee to my bedside……..


Where can people find you and your work?

Check out www.thementalhealthcoach.com.au